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Heads Or Tails is a sports lines monitor that tracks late linemoves 15-min before the game & odds comparison tool that shows where the "smart money" is being wagered.

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HeadsOrTails Sports Monitor
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*We have every sport for you to compare the odds and bet on. From NFL Picks, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, MLB, CFL and NHL betting. The Heads or Tails platform, allows you to track the live odds movement on the second and minutes prior the game time, it provides you a clear sign of where exactly the smart money is being wagered on.

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Compare Betting Odds Live at Heads or Tails Website

Heads or Tails is one of the leading Live Odds comparison website and a betting destination for our advantage bettors all around the world. We have some of the best handicappers in the industry who rely on real-time odds, and the latest line moves. We give our users the power to compare betting odds live and find the best bet for you. We believe in investing smart though late line movement. In fact, we help you ensure you have placed the right bet at the best value.

How does the Heads or Tails Sports Monitor work?

There's a saying in the sports betting industry; "Late Money is Smart Money!" When you see the line move minutes before game time, it normally means a "sharp player" of influence has just laid his action. Therefore, we've built a sports monitor, that allows you to track the "Late Linemoves" 15-minutes or less before game time, which will give you an indication on where the "smart money" is being wagered on.

HeadsOrTails Sports Monitor

Watch 3-Minute Demo Video on H.O.T.

Before you start browsing the site or monitoring the lines; please watch this 3-minute tutorial video on how to use the Heads or Tails line monitoring service. Thank you.