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About Us

What is Headsortails.tips?

Headsortails.tips is a sports monitor for bettors looking to compare the offshore and Las Vegas betting odds on today’s listed game from the Nevada sports rotation. The people involved with this site have been around for decades in the sports betting industry and are a trusted source for gamblers worldwide who are looking for credible and reputable sport monitors, so the picks they are buying have an accuracy record and deliver positive results. When players are monitoring sports live, they are looking for an edge on the side or total of a game.

We became the first choice for casual and professional gamblers alike since the site commencement.

Where did the idea of Headsortails.tips come from?

The idea came from a 4-Time Champion handicapper Ron Raymond. Ron Raymond teamed up with a couple of expert bettors to set up a line monitoring service devoted to helping them  earn smart money for your bet.

Which Sports Does HOT Compare Odds On?

The Heads or Tails line monitoring service, tracks live odds for a wide range of sports. Our range of sports include: NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, MLB, CFL and NHL.