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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: There’s a saying in the sports betting industry; “Late Money is Smart Money!” When you see the line move minutes before game time, it normally means a “sharp player” of influence has just laid his action. Therefore, we’ve built a platform, that allows you to track the “Late Linemoves” 15-minutes or less before game time, which will give you an indication on where the “smart money” is being wagered on.

Example: As you can see from the Indianapolis vs. Buffalo game on Dec 12th (snow storm game) the total opened at 39.5 earlier in the week and at the (7-min) time slot window, the total changed to 37. Therefore, because the total moved “down”, means the “UNDER” was being heavily wagered on, so we recommended to bet the UNDER on this game.

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Answer: The quick answer is “Less is More”! We wanted to create a line service platform that didn’t confuse the consumer with “information overload”. By simply using line movement from one “sportsbook” at a time, simply gives the consumer a tool to make an informed decision on their next wager. Just because a line moved 2-minutes before game time, how do we know if that’s a line move we can trust? By tracking the records of all of these line moves, we can now make a decision to wager with that line move or against it!

Answer: Visit the site 15-minutes before game time and see if the line changes on any of the games you are monitoring. Once you’ve logged in; you will see the “LOCKS” at the bottom of each time slot windows change to a winning percentage number.

Example #1: Player who are not logged in, will see “LOCKS” at the bottom of each time slots.

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Example #2: Players who are logged in, will see the winning percentage at the bottom of the time slot windows.

*Tip: Place your cursor over the winning percentage number at the bottom of the time slot windows and you will see the record history of that pick in that time slot.

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Answer: In order to provide data, we need a starting point and a finish line.

  • “OPEN” = What was the “opening” line or total of that game?
  • “Current” = What is the “current” line or total of that game?
  • “DIFF” = What is the “difference” between the “opening” and “current” line of that game?

Answer: Any line moves before the (15 min) time slots are being recorded and the record will be displayed at the bottom of the 15-min time slot window?

Answer: No, the Heads or Tails site is free to use; you will see the line moves and pick recommendation in the time slot windows, but you will need a membership to view the winning percentage record of each time slot.

Answer: Monthly memberships are $9.99 and a 1-year membership is $99.99.

Answer: If you wanted to verify a previous line move of a game, you have the option of going back in time and bringing up old line moves.

Example: If you wanted to bring up the line moves of the NBA on December 2nd, 2017, simply enter the date of the games you wanted to check and click on the “GO” button. (See chart below)

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Answer:The quick answer is “Live in the Now”! We only want to deal with games that are only happening today. Keeping with our “Less is More” mentality, we feel this will allow people to make an informed decision on today’s games only.